What is a CSA?

Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a socio-economic model of agriculture and food distribution. Members of a community pledge their support to a farm or partnership of local growers so that the farmland holds an intrinsic value to both the growers and its community supporters. This concept helps to provide a direct market for growers while allowing consumers to get fresh, local products on a consistent basis. The difference in the FARM TO TABLE CSA is that you are getting the finest varieties from around the world instead of just run of the mill vegetables. With our Heirloom Tomatoes, French Melons and Culinary Couture Salad Greens you will experience a treat each week from our bounty.

We are producing over 200 varieties of amazing vegetables, herbs and fruits on our farm in the Greenbrier Valley of southern West Virginia, here in Roanoke in our F2T Garden and through trusted collaboration with Riverstone Farm in Floyd, Ayers Orchards in Carroll County and Troyer Farm in Giles County. We have many greenhouses, high tunnels and fields there to produce gorgeous produce.

We offer both Full and Half produce shares that run from June 4th until October 29th. We will also have two farm tour dates a year when you can go to the farm and see the production you have invested in. All CSA shares are to be picked up at our Beckley, West Virginia facilities at 225 Pinewood Drive on Saturdays during our FARM TO TABLE Market between 10-3. This will give you the opportunity to connect with many other farms from throughout Beckley that offer Meats & Eggs, Baked Goods, Canned Goods and other Produce. This makes it easy to participate in the local food movement. You can also pick up your share (pre-bagged) on Sunday from 11-5.

Why choose the F2T CSA with Greenbrier?

The FARM TO TABLE CSA is a huge savings for your family. We have done price comparisons and consistently find that our CSA is 50% less or more than buying organic produce from any supermarket chain. If you are purchasing produce from other local CSA programs, co-op groceries or high end grocery stores the savings are more than 70% OFF. In addition to the savings, you will know where your food is coming from and be connected to the communal spirit of helping local farmers and keeping your dollars in our local economy. The reasons for joining are truly endless!

The offering will always be different so you will never be bored with your selection and soon we will include a newsletter with recipes and specialty information on how to use anything new that is provided.

We use sustainable practices for all of our production. We use no harmful chemicals in the production of our foods and will always strive to make sure that we are providing your family with clean, healthy, fresh whole foods.

We use non GMO seeds and work with many heritage seed companies for the varieties we will grow for your table. The breadth of interesting varieties rivals that of any grower in America. Here are a few examples of our produce mix:

Heirloom Tomatoes (41 varieties)
Sweet Corn (3 varieties)
Micro Greens (9 varieties)
Beets (3 varieties)
French Melons & Watermelons (5 varieties)
Squash (9 varieties)
Kale & Collards (7 varieties)
French Beans (3 varietes)
Broccoli & Cauliflower (5 varieties)
Salad & Spinach Greens (16 varieties)
Hot Peppers (11 varieties)
Sweet Peppers (5 varieties)
Okra (1 variety)
Apples (24 varieties)
Carrots (4 varieties)
Peaches (4 varieties)
Onions (3 varieties)
Cucumbers (3 varieties)
Fresh Herbs (15 varieties)
Potatoes (9 varieties)
Eggplant (4 varieties)

Members will also receive exclusive discounts from the nursery on plants and other products via email offers!

How do I sign up?

We offer a variety of options for participating in the FARM TO TABLE CSA. We want to make sure that you are getting the right amount and mix of products to satisfy your family and culinary abilities.

You can now register for your CSA directly through our website by visiting our F2T Shop
Check out via COD option and we will call to collect payment.

For further information please contact jimmonroe@greenbriernurseries.com.


$595 ($27/week)

With a Full Share CSA you will receive the equivalent of two grocery bags of produce each Saturday during the 22 week time period from June 4 through October 29. Your share will always have an amazing mix of seasonal items with consistent staples such as salad greens. This is enough produce to feed a family of 4-5 people for the week.


$374 ($17/week)

With a Half Share CSA you will receive the equivalent of one grocery bag of produce each Saturday during the 22 week time period from June 4 through October 29. Your share will always have an amazing mix of seasonal items with consistent staples such as salad greens. This is enough produce to feed a family of 2 veggie lovers for the week or a young family with 2 small children.